• Bamboo Natural / Both
  • Cherry Natural / Both
  • Bamboo Natural / Back Only
  • Bamboo Natural / Front Only
  • Cedar / Back Only
  • Cedar / Both
  • Cedar / Front Only
  • Cherry Chocolate / Back Only
  • Cherry Chocolate / Both
  • Cherry Chocolate / Front Only
  • Cherry Natural / Back Only
  • Cherry Natural / Front Only
  • Pine Chocolate / Back Only
  • Pine Chocolate / Both
  • Pine Chocolate / Front Only
  • Pine Natural / Back Only
  • Pine Natural / Both
  • Pine Natural / Front Only
  • Walnut Chocolate / Back Only
  • Walnut Chocolate / Both
  • Walnut Chocolate / Front Only
  • Walnut Natural / Back Only
  • Walnut Natural / Both
  • Walnut Natural / Front Only
  • iPad Mini Skins
  • iPad Mini Skins
  • iPad Mini Skins

iPad Mini Skins


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Product Details

These skins are for the original iPad Mini.

Since every product we make is 100% real authentic wood the images seen above are representations of the wood. Actual wood grain, patterns and knots will vary with each individual skin. Your skin is unlike anyone else’s in the world, literally.

*** For Those Ordering Cedar!*** Cedar wood varies greatly on look and color. Sometimes it can be a solid red color, other times there can be a pale stripe through the center or the two colors slightly blended together. If you're after a specific look you must email us at info@karvt.com and let us know. We will no longer exchange Cedar skins if you failed to let us know what look you prefer! 

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